“Our District, Your Voice”


Campaign Issues:


Our teachers are the backbone for success in terms of facilitating relationships between our children, their families, and their schools. Teachers assist in shaping the growth and development of our children, and in due time will become the future leaders of our United States and its surrounding communities and to that end, we owe a great amount of respect and due diligence to those that serve in this capacity.

In order to provide the most talented pool of applicants to perform the duties of educators, we must support all efforts to provide educators with quality pay, support, and benefits that will help retain their service for us in terms of their time, talent. and treasures.

I pledge to support our teachers in a meaningful way that fully supports their cause while being mindful of what their specific concerns are and acting on them expeditiously.


Walkable / Bikeable Pathways

I pledge to continue to support the growth and sustainability of our existing walkable/bikeable pathways by interconnecting them via the addition of new sidewalks in our district. 

If you give me the opportunity to be your voice I pledge on my first day I will call all councilmembers together to propose an idea that we will continue to support our small businesses community so that they may thrive and in addition, we will vet any new corporations that want to build or locate here and require them to apply for permission to come here through a lottery whereby they will submit an application setting out what they propose to do for our city and its council districts, in terms of infrastructure and community service.

The days and times are over for corporations to get the keys to our city and a blank check, in fact, we will require any new corporation that wants to locate here, upon application to  be a partner and operate in our city, to commit to the funding and facilitating the construction of a minimum 100 sidewalks in our respective council districts, this will be a mandatory item and condition of approval of any application submitted and if the conditions are not met we will reject applicants up front that do not address stipulations concerning minimal mandatory items.


Building our District & Community

If you elect me as your voice in Davidson County Council District 7, I will work hard to strike a balance between developers and communities by utilizing smart growth techniques whereby all developers will be mindful of existing neighbors in the community concerning their quality of living and the challenges that come with growth such as stormwater damage due to new development and consequently become a nuisance to neighboring properties.

In addition, the unintended reality of insect infestations, noise levels that come with development, and all things that affect the quality of living for our neighbors must be balanced with neighbors and their concerns at the center of attention concerning any development in our district.

I pledge to fully support our small businesses with a major interest in their longevity and presence in the community. Our small business partners keep the economy moving forward so we don't become stagnant, small business also attracts other small business whereby a community can thrive and grow a sustainable model of “business corners” throughout the communities. The sharing of our wealth with each other whether it be a dollar at a time or 100 dollars at a time will be the driving force of how we sustain the longevity of our local small business economies.

On August 1, 2019 Vote 
Stephen A. Downs, Davidson County Council – District 7