About the Candidate

Stephen A. Downs is a native Nashvillian that grew up on Fatherland Street in the Historic Edgefield area of East Nashville, Stephen was the sixth child out of seven children born to the late Jesse & Theresa Downs. Stephen resided in Inglewood before moving to Madison, Tn., where he has resided for the last 25 years. 

Stephen started his elementary school education at Holy Name on Woodland Street in East Nashville and then went on to Warner and Kirkpatrick before enrolling at St. Joseph in Madison, Tennessee.

Stephen’ High School years were spent at Meigs and East High. Stephen had a diverse education consisting of 6 years of private school and 6 years of public school. Stephen is a member of St. Joseph Catholic Church in Madison, TN.

Stephen was raised in a staunch democrat family and later in life realized it was really about the candidate and not the label so Stephen has voted for the candidate he thought was best for the job regardless of their political affiliation, and Stephen is asking everyone to consider his reasoning behind how he votes in elections and his reassurance on his ability to be able to effectively reach across the aisle to effectuate real meaningful solutions to issues that have an impact on and affect our communities.

Stephen and his wife Carolyn have three children Stephanie, Stephen Jr, and Jesse all of whom attended Dan Mills, Litton, and Stratford. Stephen currently has grandchildren at Dan Mills, Litton, Inglewood Elementary, and Stratford with two of his grandchildren graduating from Stratford this year.

Stephen coached basketball at St. Anns in Nashville, Taught Adult Literacy at Cohn Adult Learning Center, coached football at St. Joseph, is the founder of the Nextdoor, Madison Blvd site that has grown to 75 members, and Stephen is active in his community as well as the Nashville community in general.

Stephen earned his B/S in Sociology at Tennessee State University and his Paralegal from U.T. Knoxville. Stephen received his Call Center Management training at Northen Virginia Community College and his Business Management training through the Purple Heart Foundation and is currently finishing his MBA in Health Care Management at Western Governors University.

Stephen’ passion to serve his community flows from a life of public service and his run eight years ago against our current and well-respected councilman Mr. Anthony Davis, in addition, Stephen has a sincere desire to help all people in need of assistance in terms of anything that is affecting them personally, or communally, and to help facilitate a meaningful resolution for those needs. Stephen is applying for the job to be councilman of district 7 in Davidson County, Tennessee, and asks that you strongly consider him to be your councilman in District 7.

Please consider Stephen to be your voice as we move forward toward election day on August 1, 2019, and if you can, please reach out to help the campaign in any way you can and Stephen will be forever grateful and when Stephen is elected you will get to see first hand how “ OUR DISTRICT, YOUR VOICE works in terms of never voting against what our district request of him.