Stephen A. Downs Platform

  • I will Double down in our support of Teachers, Schools, Police, and Fire Department to make sure they are properly funded and have meaningful competitive salaries.
  • I will be in support of additional funding for the facilitation of constructing more sustainable walkable/bikeable communities, which can be reasonably accomplished by interconnecting our bicycle greenways with walkable paths/sidewalks, with an ultimate goal of increasing the number of sidewalks in every district.
  • I will work hard in the district as your council representative in an effort to Curb youth violence by engaging youth in the community, utilizing community policing, and increasing youth mentor programs. I pledge to support policies that will support economic growth for small businesses and I will implement plans to develop youth employment opportunities.
  • I will support Transportation initiatives that will allow for cleaner and more efficient vehicles and modes of transportation, I will support our Metropolitan Transit Authority in their efforts to reduce our traffic congestion along with funding to update our traffic infrastructure. I pledge to tackle our housing crisis by supporting more affordable housing and work with developers to mitigate the stormwater damage that typically comes with new construction.
  • I pledge to support our small business community and will propose to vet any corporation(s) that desire to locate here in our city to apply through a lottery, my proposal will also require that any corporation wanting to locate here will commit to providing funding that will go to our city council earmarked for the development of projects that will make our neighborhoods more safe, vibrant, and liveable.

On August 1, 2019 Vote 
Stephen A. Downs, Davidson County Council – District 7